Motorists have been urged to make sure they have the right car insurance in place after changes to road traffic accident rules.

Dave Williams, from the Henshalls Group, said the new rules covering personal injuries after an accident would have serious consequences for road users.

“The changes mean claims below £5,000 in value will now go on to the Small Claims Track where solicitors’ fees are not recoverable which means the end of ‘no win, no fee’ for the majority of this kind of personal injury claim.

“There has been no real publicity over the new rules, so many drivers may be unaware of how the new system works.

“But the good news is that having the appropriate motor insurance protection in place is the ideal way of getting help with personal injury claims below the £5,000 limit.

“Taking out the right cover will help motorists protect themselves against the possible costs of legal action after an accident, but not all policies offer the same options, so it’s vital that you double check the small print before you pay your premium.”

Dave said that motorists with the right insurance in place would receive help with small claims personal injury claims with the insurers acting as their representative through the new Official Injury Claim portal.

“You can also ensure you’re covered for legal costs if your claim is in the Fast-Track system which deals with cases over £5,000, and for the recovery of uninsured losses such as motor excess, loss or earnings or personal belongings damaged in the accident.

“And check your policy to make sure you’re covered for Motor Prosecution Defence if you’re charged with a motoring offence following the accident and you’re facing suspension or disqualification.

“By talking through your individual circumstances with an insurance adviser to arrange the right cover, you can make sure you’re protecting yourself despite the rule change and that you’re ready for any circumstance that may arise.”