Experts at our firm have warned that a large number of drivers could be breaking the law during winter without even knowing it.

Dave Williams, said research from Admiral Insurance had revealed worrying results.

“As we move into the winter time, it’s important that motorists know what rules they need to follow as the weather conditions deteriorate. But as the Admiral survey shows, many drivers are clearly unaware that they could be flouting the regulations.”

The study showed that 24 per cent of people admitted to driving without fully de-icing their windscreen which is actually illegal.

“Driving with any snow or ice on your windscreen that blocks your view is a breach of the Highway Code so you could actually be stopped by the police,” said Dave.

“And if you are caught breaking the rules, you could face points on your licence, a fine of up to £2,500 and even a driving ban.”

Motorists should also bear in mind that it’s not just their windscreen they need to clear – every car window needs to be cleared, inside and out, and the number plates and lights too.

“The survey showed that 44% of people believe that driving with snow on your car roof is illegal – but that’s actually not the case.

“If the snow falls onto your windscreen though and obstructs your view, or it falls into the path of another driver or road user, then yes that’s an illegal situation.

“It’s against the law to splash pedestrians on the road too and not only could you be fined up to £5,000, your insurance cover could be affected too as it’s seen as driving without reasonable consideration for others.

“The winter months always bring an increase in motor insurance claims, so make the time before you set off on your journey to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road to keep yourself and other road users as safe as possible.”